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Fairlady Nissan Z

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Petits Ventilateurs Fonctionnant Sur Batterie

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Bmw 545i Radiateur

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2002 Honda Fit

15305077 / 89018308 / 89018596 / 89019088. Wholesale 2003 kawasaki z1000. Yp024. 901-819-nx11. 701 huile. 15 326 386, 12146312, 12 36 302, 13 38 450, 62 38 236, 213-928. Fit  4: Audi a4 b5 1.8 t. 1999,2002,2003,2000,2001,2005,2004. Wholesale an8 refroidisseur d'huile. 078103224, 078103223b. Buywin. Wholesale ventilateur 12 v. 

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Skyfall and Tab Collars

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge James Bond fan but SKYFALL is worth mentioning: Not only is it the biggest British film of all time, it’s actually rather good. Around the time of it’s theatrical release the media was awash with excessive Bond praise, so I decided not to cover it. However, Skyfall has played quite a significant role in my life in recent weeks because of what I do for a living. The movie is available on Blu-ray and DVD from today (here in the UK).

When I started writing this article, I was going to focus on the Tom Ford suits in general but in researching around the costumes I found out something much more interesting…


There was something I found intriguing about Bond’s shirt collars in the movie: When you come to watch it, notice how perfectly shaped his collars always are. The tips of the collar are always in exactly the right place, regardless of the action


On close inspection of the video you can see that there’s a small diamond shape in the point of the collar. At first I thought this could have been created by collar bones - but these are too long and straight to make this shape. Then I thought the collar points are either weighted or pinned down.

However, according to the best online resource for information on this subject, TheSuitsOfJamesBond.com, which is an excellent site, Bond wears a ’tab collar’ in Skyfall.

GQ corroborates this fact as well: A shirt with a tab collar is something I’d never heard of before, but stick ‘tab collar’ into Google and you get an image of Daniel Craig in Skyfall.


The tab collar is an ingenious but very simple idea, illustrated well by the image below from The Cufflinks Shop. The points of the collar are drawn close together a piece of fabric, a 'tab’ that is fastened with a button that I think might be attached to the top of the placket. This is what creates a nice neat finish to the collar that’s hidden by and elevates the tie knot.


I’ve never actually seen a tab collar up close so I can't confirm that the small diamond shapes that are present in the magnified image above are caused by the tab, but I think it’s very likely. The diamond shape could be the stitching between the tab fabric and the underside of the collar.

In fact, you can actually by the white Tom Ford shirts that Bond wears in the movie. They’re available from Selfridges for the pricely sum of £310 each!


This little detail might seem insignificant, but to me, it’s exciting. A lot has been written about Jame Bond’s attire and there’s not too much new to say about it… This is new. Skyfall is the first Bond movie in which the British spy wears shirts with tabbed collars.

I’m also quite pleased that the niggling feel ing about those collars paid off: Almost by accident, I found out that there was a clever little secret hidden away that helps make James Bond look impeccable. Here’s a nice pic of Bond in the National Gallery to finish.


Skyfall is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.

Thanks to MGM, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures and Fox Home Entertainment for the images.


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico ‘66 Trainers

For a long time I’ve been interested in garnering myself a pair of Onitsuka Tiger trainers. In the recent January sales I managed to score myself a pair of classic Mexico '66 Onitsuka Trainers for the absolute bargain price of only £30.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a review on Good Clobber, so it’s high time we revisited this feature. So here it is, my review of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico '66 shoes.


First up, let’s have a very quick look at the history of Onitsuka Shoes: The company, founded in 1949 by former military officer Kihachiro Onitsuka is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan. Onitsuka made history by introducing a basketball shoe with suction cups on the sole to improve grip; a feature which apparently found it’s genesis when Onitsuka was trying to prise a piece of squid tentacle from the bottom of a bowl.


In 1977 the company was having great success and merged with two other sports apparel manufacturers to become the ASICS Corporation. Despite the name change, the range vintage of shoes are still sold under the name Onitsuka Tiger. This particular style of shoe was originally called the 'Limber Leather’ but is now called 'Mexico 66’, a homage to the Japanese pre-olympic trials for the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico.


So let’s take a look at the shoe. It’s easy to see why they’re popular; they have a sleek and subtle style, they’re not obviously 'shouty’ and yet they are easily recognisable, mainly because of the classic ASICS stripes on the side. This shape a style has been copied many times but never bettered.


Lightweight and well cushioned, these trainers are comfortable. The leather and suede upper is very flexible and so far they have held a good shape. I wouldn’t recommend them for anything more than everyday use; these aren’t shoes that were made for athletics or outdoor sport. I take a UK size 8 shoe and they fit fine, although I did add an innersole to this pair - just to make them a nice snug fit.


They tend to make your socks ride up around the heel. It’s a strange thing and I’ve never experienced this before in a pair of trainers. I think it may be something to do with the suede tab at the back - or it could just be the socks that I wear. Strange.


Also, be warned; the toes and some of the upper of these shoes are partly made of suede, a material that can look a little worse for wear if it gets wet or dirty. I’d recommend purchasing a suede spray and a good suede brush to keep them looking as new as possible.


This particular pair of shoes are in a grey / red colour way, which is why I think they were on sale - however there are many, many variations available and I don’t think this colour combination are the most popular. I picked up my pair in the sale at the UK high street shop Republic but you can find them in loads of shoe retailers.


I'd recommend these shoes. They look great, they’re comfy and so far they’ve held up well. I dare say I’ll be picking up another pair later in the year - keep your eyes open for sale prices.< /p>

Check out the official Onitsuka Tiger website here.

Art Gallery Clothing Spring Summer ‘13

Regular visitors to this blog may be familiar with Art Gallery Clothing, the great brand that’s heavily inspired by Mod culture. We’ve run a review for in the past and I’m the proud owner of three of their shirts… and very good they are too.

Even though it still feels like winter, we’re starting to see the new lines of spring and summer clothing on sale for the coming warmer months. AGC have released a range of knitwear on their off icial site and here’s a quick look at what’s on offer.

I really like that each garment seems to have been named after regular blokes, such as ‘Jack’ and 'Garry’ - makes it feel down to earth and real.


Kenny’ and ’Jack


Alex’ and ’Lane


Gary’ and ’Steve



It looks like most of these shots were taken around London’s South bank and Soho; appropriate to the brand’s history.

Prices range between £55 and £75… Sneaky tip - it’s worth keeping an eye on AGC’s twitter feed as they often run promo codes and they have a good eBay site.

Thanks to Art Gallery Clothing. Check out the full range of their clobber here.

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